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Of course most people want to know what a novel is about before they’ll invest time and energy (not to mention money) in it. Sometimes they’re happy just to know what kind of genre it is. But, mostly, they’d like a few other clues.

So, how do you make a book enticing for them to read? One way is to give them the first page to read, which you can see here. And you could write a log line, which you can see above. But a writer feels that a couple of lines can never really do justice to the story. People say “You’re a writer. Write a synopsis”. But, believe it or not, I actually find that harder to do than to write the actual novel. How do you tell the story without giving away important moments? That’s pretty difficult. Nevertheless, you can read that here too. I’ve done my best. But, honestly, I don’t really like it.

You really feel like saying “Trust me, just read the book. You’ll love it”. But I’d have to cross my fingers behind my back when I say that, because I know there are some people who just won’t love it.  

Maybe I could tell you that it’s one man’s story as he reaches an important point in his life. And that man has some hard lessons to learn. But, in the learning, he becomes a better man for it.

I also like to think there are quite a few humorous pages in the book (I have actually sat beside people reading Melting who were laughing out loud.)   

So, any other clues? Well…I never consciously try to write like any other writer. But, if you were to say to me that my writing reminds you (vaguely) of Philip Roth or John Updike, I would not only be enormously flattered, but very pleased. Because they are two of my favorite writers.

Martin Guinness

Max Wheeler is a successful television foreign correspondent. But a series of events lead him to examine his life as he experiences a voyage of self-discovery.

Melting is a novel that has general appeal, but the boomer generation will particularly respond to this work that captures the zeitgeist and describes what it's like for a man in America today as he approaches his sixty-year crossroads.

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